Marketing Strategy

We develop your marketing strategy that is aligned with your highest-level business goals and objectives that helps you create awareness for your company and its products.

Social Media Management

From planning and budgeting to content creation and collaboration, we’ve got you covered.

Pinterest Management

We offer full Pinterest organic management to promoted pins and Pinterest image ​and video​creation.

Let´s start talking !

It’s %100 risk-free. There’s no criticism, no judgment, or hard-pressure sales.

Hey there, I´m Kim

I have always been fascinated with marketing since I was a kid. That fascination followed me through adulthood. I have worked in the marketing space for 20 years now. I started out in real estate and had to leave because of the economic crash in 2008. In the meantime, I have worked for different industries but I always come back to real estate. I finally made the decision to niche down and focus on all things real estate. 


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David Washburn

“Kim is amazing at paid google search and display ads. Her skills and ideas have put new life into our marketing. In two months we have gone from 15 qualified visitors per day on our website to 150! ”

Christina Angelica

“Kim is an amazingly accurate intuitive and marketeer who has the unique ability to see what is needed to get your marketing strategy working, quickly, and effectively, in an instant.  During our time together, Kim guided me as to re-connecting with past clients, setting up  “Speed Coaching” style sessions at a no-brainer price, as well as preparing a script to use for my Live videos, training and sales promotions. Kim also provided helpful suggestions on where my focus needs to be directed, to start creating my multi-million-dollar business in a way that is completely achievable and aligned to me and my niche.”

Lisa Kurkowski

Kim helped me get clear and focused when I was a giant mess with overthinking and trying to do it all. She broke down every step, so it was simple and actionable. We focused on my niche, my message, and my strategy for the rest of the year and 2020. I am not hiding any more because I have the steps and the confidence just from that one hour with her. She has amazing intuitive gifts to see the potential in everyone, and she goes beyond what is asked of her.”

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