Ready to get more out of your business and life?

Then you are right where you belong!

If you’ve had any of these thoughts…

Business is hard!

Am I cut out for this?

Will I make a profit off this?

I feel alone.

No one understands me.

She has it all figured out.

How do I get there?

Hey there my friend!

First, let me give you a big squeeze really quick because I have a feeling you need a hug (if not, sorry, because I am a hugger).

Second, I am going to tell you a secret….you are not alone.   I used to have all the above thoughts and emotions (and more) all the time. My struggle was real and intense, and it was a flipping challenge to overcome.  The entrepreneurial world can be scary for most folks. I get it! I have been there.

I am going to get real with ya, now!

The best version of yourself is on the other side of a change in your mindset. Achieving your business goals is on the other side of a change in your mindset. When you change your mindset, your life and business has no choice but to follow.   I’m Kim Holley, and I will walk you through exactly how to become the best version of yourself while working on your business. You want to run a business you love and your fulfilled life, right?  Then let’s get this party started!

I work with amazing, driven, high-achieving, heart-centered solopreneurs, creatives, and coaches who want MORE.

I help my clients ditch the overwhelm, so they can build kick-ass businesses they’re wildly in love with, connect with dream clients, and make more money doing their thing!

My clients want to do more, have more, feel more, BE MORE.

They’re so ready to stop doing all.the.things. and following cookie-cutter formulas that put them in boxes. They’re also ready to quiet those BS stories that hold them back, so they can stop hiding in plain sight. They’re ready to own their unique zone of genius and share their message.

They’re sick of spinning their wheels and realize what got them here won’t get them to where they want to go next!

Sound like you?

If you’re ready for MORE….if you’re ready to play a BIGGER game, I want to talk to you!

I want to help you ditch the overwhelm, get out of your own way, and build your own kick-ass business that you’re wildly in love with!

Consider this your official invitation to connect and get support because no one does this alone!

Pump up your marketing with Kim. She has the skills to improve your business and increase your income.

Susan Moore

Moore Financials

I really enjoyed working with Kim when she was at a management company. Kim handled the marketing for numerous properties. She was always on top of things and very detailed oriented. I highly recommend her.

Victor Lord

ADSPEC Marketing

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