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Pinterest Management 

INVESTMENT COST – starting at $450

Did you know Pinterest is not a SOCIAL MEDIA platform? That’s right! Pinterest is a visual search engine that leads qualified traffic to a business owner’s engaging website content. It’s the untapped traffic generator that continues to send leads to your site. 

  • With my audit system going through every possible aspect of your business as it relates to Pinterest. Then we come up with the best custom strategy for your business based on your vision and goals.

  • We build a foundation from Pinterest or set the ‘redo’ button on your current profile, so you can take over knowing you are set up fully optimized and ready to go!

  • You want to focus on your money-making activities and the things you love, and you want to completely hand over Pinterest to an expert. Your goal is to be completely hands-off and focus on other aspects of your biz and life.

SEO Management 

INVESTMENT COST – starting at $500

The process of planning SEO elements for a new or current website.

  • Perform keyword research

  • Create keyword themes and groups

  • Plan out a page inventory and site map
  • Optimize URLs, and metadata
  • Optimize on-page content
  • Audit and launch a new site

Google Ads & Analytical  Management 

INVESTMENT COST – starting at $450

My service is tailored to be affordable for small businesses looking to test the search engine market and get some website traffic that will result in prospects and sales. In a market that is favoring online marketing more and more, it is important that your small business be visible online. 

  • Make suggestions for improvements to the site and overall marketing strategies based on data
  • Optimize account to focus advertising spend on highest converting campaigns and ad groups
  • Setup conversion tracking to measure conversions

  • Research keywords and target market

  • Develop campaign budgets and settings


Social Media Management 

INVESTMENT COST – starting at $500

We are obsessed with Social Media because our passion is with connecting to your audience; your business has so much to share. We don’t want your customers to miss your message.

  • First, we take your message and craft it to fit the platforms where your audience hangs out.

  • We schedule postings several times a week to keep engagement and momentum going. This includes images and videos.

  • We then take all the analytics, measure your goals, craft and tweak your message to reach more customers.

Marketing Strategy 

INVESTMENT COST – starting at $450

We love MARKETING so MUCH that we will build a strategic plan to fit your vision and goals. 

  • We will hop on a discovery call with you. And take all of your ideas and put them into one plan. The plan is called a “Business Intensive.”
  • With that business intensive, we break every step down. You have the action steps to take, so there is no overwhelm or confusion. 
  • Once you review the business intensive, we will get on a call to talk about your next step either with us or offer you support if you choose to implement it on your own.

Sarah Evans

“Let me start by saying Kim gave way more than I expected. She dialed right in after I told her where I was struggling. She helped me plan my social media, where to look for inspiration, and how to get out of my own way. I was resisting planning my marketing because I always thought I was not good at it. Then we talked about mindset and how I can overcome my story of not being good at something. Don’t hesitate when someone is offering you help, even if you have to pay for it. 

Molly Kesler

“I was stuck on everything with Pinterest and Kim helped me build a dashboard, set up my business account, my Tailwind account, scheduled my first 30 days, and held my hand until I felt comfortable on my own.”

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